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ORASS-Nepal aims to be a hub for all the space enthusiast around the country that brings every students from various universities and institutions together for the space exploration and development activities in Nepal by being the gateway to space. We let you to grow and apply your knowledge in a better way by involving you in a challenging engineering problems. let's become capable and adaptive space leaders of tomorrow together.
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The dream of Space expedition became a reality when the Soviet Union launched world’s first artificial satellite, the Sputnik 1. Since then, numerous countries have constantly been trying to develop their space-based infrastructures to an optimum level. Even for the developing countries like Nepal, Space Exploration shows a huge potential in addressing the challenges that people stand up which shall help Nepal in acquiring outer space technological capabilities and speed up its scientific, technical and economic development


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Space exploration leads to various scientific developments


Space technologies shows the engineering abilities of the nation

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It is said that the future of world's economy lies in the Space Exploration
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Expected Apogee

3.048 Km


8124 gm

Max Acceleration

11.6 G

Air Frame Length

89 Inch
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